Handle phone calls with

Reduce time spent on phone handling by 50%

Start phone call with one click

So you have a lot of clients calling your smartphone. You already are using software for managing all your clients. But every time you want to call a client you have to re-type clients phone number to the phone. There should be an easier way, and now there is - [fono]

start phone call directly from your computer

answer phone call

automatic sms reminders

Forget about reading through sms list

Analyzing unanswered calls in your phone? How many of them have you accidently missed?
With [fono] it's one easy to read list.

streamlined list of tasks

no more overlooked calls

clear your todo list - mark as done when finished

Greet every client by his name

People like to be remembered.
It's a whole different story if you greet your client with his first name when he is calling.

know every client before you answer the call

communication history during call

open clients card in your CRM directly from [fono]

Who is it for?

[fono] was designed for beauty salon, but it will also suit other small bussinesses. It might be a good fit if you

have lot of clients calling you every day

you need sms reminders

you want to protect your client phone number from theft